October 24, 2008

Markus Schulz Blog - Oct 24 2008

Hey everyone!

Goedemorgen to you all from Amsterdam. I have been here for a few days this week, playing at the Armada Night for this year's Amsterdam Dance Event this past Wednesday.

With the summer gone and the Ibiza season done, I hope to be able to communicate more with the fans through blog entries. Through all the amazing support you have given me across the year, I hope that I can give back to you in some way through weekly blogging, or a diary entry of sorts. I will write more about the Amsterdam experience in my blog next week.

It has been yet another week of busy travelling and touring. On Thursday I played at the Colosseum Club in Skopje, and it was incredible! Sometimes when you travel to a country you do not visit regularly, you can sometimes be apprehensive about how a night is going to turn out. The passion of the crowd there was amazing, and I hope that I can return there very soon.

On Friday morning I had to take an early flight to London, where a hectic day was about to begin! After a quick nap I headed over to the world famous BBC Radio 1 studios, and co-hosted Judge Jules' Friday night show. I had a real blast there - Jules and I have been friends for a long time. We always enjoy hanging out and listening to each other's bad jokes. It was a pretty cool experience doing the show with him.

When I arrived at Radio 1, I was asked by Jules to arrange two phone conversations for the show. We first talked to Coldharbour Recordings alumnus Arnej, who has had a massive 2008 with his productions. When I look back on tracks that really did the business for me on the dancefloor this year, "They Always Come Back" immediately comes to the forefront of my mind. Canada is a real hotbed for up and coming producers this year, and I can't wait to hear what comes out of there in 2009. The second conversation was with Sia, whose track Buttons I had the pleasure of remixing at the beginning of the summer. I think both interviews turned out really well.

My show with Jules airs tonight on BBC Radio 1, beginning at 6pm EST / 11pm UK / 12am CET. You will be able to listen online at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1.

Going back one week again, once I left the BBC studios, I began preparing for the next installment of my residency at Ministry of Sound. I feel that the club has become another home for me. I love the venue and the soundsystem so much. Last Friday was only my third time playing there but I believe that we can create a really memorable legacy in time. Seeing all my friends and fans there, and catching up with them was lots of fun as well.

Saturday was a really important day as I travelled to the Hungarian capital Budapest, which meant the Global DJ Broadcast World Tour recording for November. When I saw this gig come up in my calendar it was nailed on for the GDJB World Tour, because I knew from past experiences playing there that the crowd would be so hot, and that's the kind of thing I look for when determining which city or gig to pick for airing on the show. I hope that when someone sits by their radio or computer and tunes in for a world tour broadcast, they feel they are there, they feel they are part of the experience.

Needless to say, the crowd certainly did not disappoint. You will be able to tune in for the results on GDJB, airing on November 6th. A couple of Coldharbour Recordings artists, Marcus Schossow and Nifra, and Myon & Shane 54, who are doing really well with their remixes and mashups lately, all showed up to the venue for support. It was fun hanging out with them before and after the gig as well.

After Budapest I had a brief day of rest at my place in Berlin, before heading off for the annual Amsterdam Dance Event. I am sure people know from their own experiences how tiring and demanding travelling can be, both physically and mentally, so it is important to schedule your time cafefully and allow yourself the appropriate amount of rest. Normally I would record Global DJ Broadcast on a Wednesday, but due to the Amsterdam gig being midweek, I had to make my edits and focus on the show between Sunday and Tuesday. We had a great debut set from Germany's Stoneface & Terminal, and I am loving what they are doing right now. Their track "Blueprint" has been a real highlight of my live sets recently.

That pretty much brings us up until now, as I sit here in my hotel in Amsterdam answering some emails, burning CDs and packing for the long flight to the west coast. This weekend is a really special gig for me, in the amazing city of Los Angeles. I used to be intimidated by the city but in the last few years I have really started feel welcome by everyone there. Whenever I arrive I always sing "I Love LA" as I walk through the airport.

This year will be the third consecutive year I play at the Monster Massive event, and it keeps getting bigger each time. Last year the entire stadium was completely full. There must have been over 30,000 people. It's held at the LA Sports Arena, Where the LA Clippers used to play, and current home of the USC Trojans, and being a huge sports fan, playing there gives me that extra buzz. There are a few tracks I have held back on playing which I want to debut at the event, so hopefully it will be a night people are going to remember. Before Monster Massive I will be at the Armani Exchange store in Santa Monica at 6pm, playing a little warmup set, so hopefully you guys in that area can come along before the big event.

So that's pretty much what I have gotten up to over the past week. I can't wait for the weekend to begin again.

Hope you all have a great and safe weekend!


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