June 28, 2008

Markus Schulz Secures Residency with The Gallery, Ministry of Sound

When one considers the music, the DJs and the nightclubs that have shaped dance music's horizon over the past two decades, there are very few brand names that have been there from the outset, and continue to be one of the leading innovators in the scene today. This very sentiment is held true to The Gallery, and to Ministry of Sound. Both names are synonymous with the great heritage of musical movement in London, England.

As a journeyman DJ in search for inspiration, Markus Schulz found himself in the epicentre of London culture at the turn of the millennium. Through attending Gallery nights at now closed club Turnmills and Ministry of Sound events, Markus harnessed his experiences with London's ambiance and environment, and the seeds of the Coldharbour sound were sewn. "The Gallery nights at Turnmills were inspirational to me," says Markus. "I have been so fortunate to attend those nights on both sides - as a clubber and a DJ. I felt so sad after playing there for the last time in February, because I thought it would be difficult for the guys to encompass that atmosphere and transfer it to a different setting."

Today, Markus is now considered as one of the leading ambassadors for trance music worldwide, becoming a consistent trend-setter and refusing to be bound to one particular genre. It is therefore somewhat appropriate that Markus opens a new chapter in his gig commitments, by agreeing to a bi-monthly residency held at the legendary Ministry of Sound, in the city that changed his career, and life, forever.

Markus is extremely excited by the prospect. "I played at Ministry for the first time in May this year and I was completely blown away. The soundsystem there is amazing - one to rival any club around the world I have ever performed. I can't wait to have the opportunity to deliver my sound to such a thriving and dedicated audience who attend The Gallery nights at MOS, on a regular basis".

Founder and owner of The Gallery brand Danny Newman could not be happier with his new appointment. "Having listened to all the feedback I received from his last two appearances for us, combined with being a huge admirer of his sound and Global DJ Broadcast radio show, Markus was a natural choice to become our new resident. I cannot wait for July 11th, because I have no doubt Markus will make it a night that no one will ever forget."

Danny continued by saying, "This is just the beginning. Markus will also be performing at The Gallery Arena for the first time at SouthWestFour this August. He definitely is one to watch!"

Having been open since 1991, the Ministry of Sound venue has earned the right to feature prominently through dance music folklore. For Markus Schulz, he will attempt to write his own chapter in history by doing what he has done best, constantly raising the bar with each performance he brings.

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