May 28, 2008

Markus Interview on

Markus recently conducted an interview for Polish website, ahead of his appearances in Poland in July and August, at the Sunrise and Creamfields festivals respectively.

You can view the original source (in Polish) by Clicking Here

However, for the benefit for our international readers, here is the full interview in English below:

What first made you be interested in trance music?

When I was very young in Germany we used to get mix tapes from America. I got so into what the DJ was doing. Later when I got to America I bought my first turntable and started practicing. My first parties were hip hop parties and from there I got into house music. Things just evolved over the years till I got into trance.

Where do you find inspirations for creating new sounds?

Everywhere. I think the best part of travel is it is so inspirational. Just the sounds you hear in the streets. Vendors, people talking, the sounds of the traffic. Everything can be really inspirational.

Can you describe your music style which appears in your productions?

Dark, melodic, tech trance.

You are 13 in the top DJ MAG in 2007. Are you satisfied about that or had you expected higher rate?

I think of the DJ Mag poll as my yearly evaluation. If I am doing well, then it shows in the polls. So far, I think I am doing ok because the music fans seem to think so. I keep trying to give my best at each and every performance. People are travelling and paying for a ticket. I owe it to them to do my best every time. They make it possible for me to travel the world and do what I love doing.

What was the basic influence when producing for Amsterdam '08 Compilation? Why have you chosen just these productions, not others?

Amsterdam '08 was a snapshot of what I was feeling and playing right then. It was how that particular place makes me feel.

Your production called 'Cause You know' gained great popularity in Poland. I'm very interested what was the origin of it?

Departure sent me a sample of a track they were just starting on. I loved it, absolutely loved it. So I took what they sent and worked on it from there. The vocals are really just a test of something they were starting. But I really loved the sound and feeling they had, that raw, edgy feel.

In what do you find yourself more: as a producer or a DJ?

I don't think of myself as more of one or the other. I think they go together equally. In order to have great shows I need great music and I try to make great music so people want to come see my shows.

Do you plan what to play while performing on the stage or is it a spontanious decision?

I do some planning. I know what I would like to play at every gig, and I have a plan in my head of how I want the show to go. But, the audience is a big factor in what I play. I want them to really enjoy the night and if I see something particular makes them go crazy or they aren't as into something else I have to go with what makes them happy. I want people to leave the event thinking it was the party of the year and in order to do that I have to give my best performance every time.

It is said that not everybody is fond of your music. Do you mind this criticism?

No, it isn't possible to please everyone. Not everyone likes chocolate cake. That doesn't mean all chocolate cake is bad, it just means some people don't like it. It is the same with music. Not everyone is going to love the music I play. That is ok. Can you imagine how boring the world would be if everyone liked the same things? There would be no creativity, no new ideas. No one would strive to do new things.

You often play Polish producers' tracks in your sets. There are 3 of them who've been noticed by you. Do you plan to introduce us a new star of Polish origin?

I think there has been a lot of great music coming out of Poland lately. I hope it continues. I try to find as much exciting new music and producers as I can.

Lately there've been lots of your amazing performances in our country. What can you say about polish audience and polish events so far?

Every event I have played in Poland has been amazing. The fans are always up for it, the production is amazing and everyone I've worked with or met has been so wonderful. I love playing Poland.

You're playing on the Sunrise Festival in July in Poland. Have you heard about this event before? Do you know how much it is respected by the DJs?

have heard really good things about the festival. This will be my first year playing there and I am looking forward to it.

Your set which was played during polish edition of Sensation White complitely astonished your fans. Some of them didn't expect it from you What was the main influence on playing it in that way? Had you planned it?

I somewhat plan my sets. I know what tracks I'd really like to play but once I get there and I get into the set, things can change. The mood of the event and what the crowd seems to be vibing to really influence what I play. With the amazing stage set up and all the people in white. It really just moved me.

What's your personal opinion about alcohol and drugs taken during the events? Do you respect them?

I don't think it is my place to comment on what other people do. I think anything to excess is very bad.

Do you have any moments when you're feeling little run down and you're tired of playing and travelling constantly from place to place? Have you ever wanted to cut it all off?

The travelling can be very hard and being away from family and friends sn't a lot of fun either. But once I am on stage and everyone is having a great time, it all seems worth it.

What are your favourite tracks at the moment?

Element One - Guanacaste
tyDi - Russia
Mr. Pit - Shana
Arnej - They Always Come Back

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